2015 NOV. 7 // SCREENING 818 Tong Shan Road Film - A Refugee Story.

FILM SCREENING "818 tong shan road Film": www.818tongshanroad.com

at DOT FIFTY ONE GALLERY: 187 Northwest 27th Street Miami, FL 33127


In 1941, Pedro Lievendag and his family managed to escape Nazi Germany to find refuge in a Shanghai Ghetto alongside 20.000 other refugees. 60 Years after leaving the Ghetto as U.N.R.R.A. Displaced Persons, Pedro’s daughter, Marlene, produced and directed the documentary feature 818 TONG SHAN ROAD, a testimony of the trip they made together back to Shanghai where they were able to visit the Ghetto, and reencounter the story that marked the destiny of the Lievendag family.

" Today, as we contemplate the 10 th Anniversary of the making of 818 TONG SHAN ROAD film , sadly the world is facing the most severe humanitarian crisis in Europe since the events captured in the film." States Director M. Lievendag.

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