taught by: Jorge Lucas Alvarez Girardi

The Middle East has always been a fascinating place, full of stories, anecdotes and extremes. Because of its geographical location at the apex between Africa, Asia and Europe, it has seen the birth of the first civilizations and their struggles for supremacy, but also the cultural , artistic and religious exchange which have nurtured us all . The Western world owes to the Middle East what it is and what will remain, despite their radicalist ideals.


workshop taught in spanish // contact: jorgelucasalvarez@hotmail.com tuesday 22 and thursday 24 of september 5:30 - 7:30 pm location: dot diftyone gallery // 187 nw 27th st, Miami FL 33127



Arq. Jorge Alvarez Girardi
Venezuelan, born in Miami, 1964

Graduated from the UCV Architect in 1992, he has worked as a cultural manager, organizing events artistic, cultural exchanges with educational institutions, and historian.

For over twelve years he taught history of design and interior design at the Institute of Design. For 5 years he has taught the course "The story told through art" to different groups of people interested in history, mythology and art.

In  2005 he writes the book Relevant Event Timelines. Since 2014 he has taught History and Mythology to groups in Miami.

He creates the art blog, www.lahistorianarradaatravesdelarte.blogspot.com

• conceptualizes, markets and produces multicultural events (fashion, art, video art and music) Far Happening in five versions (1997-2002). Promoting artists and integrating them into plural and urban areas, making all turn visual promotion (Graphic Design), media (radio, press and television) and marketing sponsors, the last, HE5 was made in the Alejandro Otero Museum.
• conceptualized and organized the "Destination MAO" (2002) event by the Institute of Design in Caracas
• CEO and editor in chief of the magazine In Magazine.
• Publishes the history book Chronology of Significant Events (2005).
• Holds seminar The story told through art (2006 and 2007) at La Casa Romulo Gallegos (Celarg)
• Gives seminars on Greek Mythology, Comparative and History of the Twentieth Century, Greek and Roman mythology, Life Cycle, Human Development Centre (2007-2008)
• From 2008 to date has taught seminars on The story told through art to groups of
independent people interested in history, art and mythology.
• Write articles of History and Art in the journal Habitat Plus Miami.


• Participated in the Thirteenth Exhibition Role in Blasini Gallery (2007)
• Participated in the Peccadilloes exhibition at the Open Gallery (2006)
• Participated in the Eleventh Exhibition of Paper in Blasini Gallery (2005)
• Participated in the Exxon-Mobil salon in the National Art Gallery (2003) with the collective work, The Black Line   which earned a mention but was rejected by artists
• participated as an artist in the five versions of the Extreme Happening (1997-2002)
• Exposure Architects-Artists of the Simon Bolivar University (1999)
• Participated in the National Art Biennial of Tachira (1998)
• In 1995 he held his first solo exhibition at the Gallery Tropitone.
• participated as an artist in group exhibitions (Gallery Road 1989, Edith Gallery Düm 1990)
• Participated in the I, II and III salons Art Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University Central of Venezuela in 1989, 1990 (Consolidated Bank obtaining the prize) and 1991
• Worked as a production assistant on the film Aguasangre (1983)



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