2b is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 by Dot Fiftyone Gallery Miami directors Isaac Perelman, and Alfredo Guzman. 2b works to encourage artists to push what the limits of art could be. Thriving great emphasis on ideas and aesthetics that aim to explore whereby talented artists evolve.

Since 2006, the foundation has an active role in incipient local artists, supporting them through different stages. 2b seeks to aid emerging worldwide artists from all expressions: painting, sculpture, video art, installations, and writing in developing their vision. The organization carries out programs in three distinct areas:

• Workshops/Conferences to educate artists to reach their full potential.
• Events that encourage relationships with the community.
• Build relations with institutions such as museums, cultural centers, residencies, renowned galleries, and scholarships.

These programs will serve to integrate peripheral artists into the market.


Alfredo Guzman

Isaac Perelman
Founder Director

Alyn Kalach
Executive Director

Valentina Bolcatto
Entre Ríos coordinator

Founder Board:

Beatriz Salvatierra
Susana Tadei

Advisory Board:

Joshua Bratter
Jairo Marin
Nina Surel
Raquel Schwartz
Darío Samada
Rosalia Mogro
Janet Batet
Ruth Infarinato
Joshua Goldberg

2b is supported by:

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