B. 1971

Rodrigo Garagarza was born in Mexico City in 1971. From a very young age he has possessed an innate desire to transform cardboard, wood, and various other materials into 3-dimensional figures.

Over time, this awakened him to his two great passions: sculpture and architecture. With formal studies in Architecture in Mexico and subsequent art courses in Italy and France, Rodrigo has embarked on an intensive search for both sculptural architecture and architectural sculpture. After college he worked for three years as an exhibit designer at the Museo Nacional de San Carlos, one of Mexico City´s most renewed museums. That experience allowed him to develop a sense of aesthetic order between figures and context, as well as expression through the use of lighting, materials, and color.

In 2011 Rodrigo established his sculpture studio and since that year has continuously worked on commissions and has presented his work in individual exhibitions in several museums and galleries throughout Mexico and United States.